Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seven Months!

Happy 7-Month Birthday, Daniel!
You are such a sweet little fella and 
we are so very grateful that God brought you in to our family!
At seven months, you love to explore -
although you don't crawl on your knees yet, you can get any place you want
by rolling and scooting across the floor with lightning speed!
And you are strong!  So you can already get in to drawers and toy baskets.  
I love your curiosity and the pure joy that you express when you achieve your goals.
I hope you'll keep this adventurer's heart as you grow.

I'm also thankful for this weekend that we've had together.
Daddy, Kate and Matthew are down in NC visiting Grandma and Papa.
While we've certainly missed them,
I've cherished this special time of having you all to myself.

I love you!

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